Changes On The 1st Feb

Changes On The 1st Feb

Changes On The 1st Feb

We have been thinking long and hard about how to make the server more friendly for the solo player. So this is what we will be changing from the 1st Feb.

1) Ladder Raiding will be added back. You will How Ever Not Be Able To Place Ladders On High Walls And Gates.
We will be doing another poll after you guys have experienced the ladder raiding to see if you want ladder raiding to stay. Type /poll in-game to check the polls. 

2) From the 1st Feb Clan sizes will be reduced Max Clan size will go to 5
You will not be permitted to share a base with more than 5 players.
No more than 5 people Raiding, Roaming at any time.
Friends will be removed as this allows a Players to add more than 5 players to a TC. But friendly Fire will stay for use within your Clan
This has been changed as we found that solo players and small groups were at a disadvantage.

3) We were asked about the English only in chat we have decided that because the server is a UK servers we will not be changing this. English Only in chat rule will remain. We ask if you do not speak English then please use the /pm to your friends. But we are working on a solution for none English speakers. 

No More than 3 layers of high walls around bases. 

Other news
We have recently added security for you base this allows players to place up to 4 cameras around the outside of there base and have the controller inside. (8 cameras for VIP+ players)
Allowing the player to see who is camping there base.

Skull Trophy: Collect the skulls of your enemy and mount them in your base.

If you have any suggestions for the server you must post them before the 1st feb for us to consider them.

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