The following in-game activities are prohibited in the Game

  • Stashes Or Chests In Rocks Or Under Foundations.
  • No Cheating, Scripting, bug abuse or exploiting.
  • Avoid spam, racism, homophobia and other languages in chat.
  • You may only speak English in chat. We cannot moderate languages we cannot understand
  • No walling off huge areas, or claiming monuments. Quarry monuments are excluded in this rule.
  • No more than 3 Layers of High External walls around a base
  • No Calling Admin Abuse No Pretending to be a member of Administration Or Staff
  • No using Multi Accounts on our Servers
  • No Obstructing A Player From There Own Bases
  • No Changing Or Adding Locks On Other Players Bases
  • No Blocking Tool Cupboards In Another Players Base
  • No Destroying Unnecessary Objects. eg (Unlocked Chests/Furnaces/RepairBench..
  • No Taking Over Another Players Base
  • No Placing Anything That Blocks Spawn Points In Bases
  • No More than 10 External ToolCupboards around Bases
  • ENGLISH ONLY in chat if you wish to speak in your own language use /pm

Admins Decision Is Final, Do Not Question Their Actions

Admins Do Not Raid Or PVP
If You Have Been Muted, Do Not Spam Admins Asking to Be Unmuted.

In general please be nice to other players bear in mind a lot of rust players are under 18 years of age

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