Veritex is a NEW Multiplayer Survival game by Veritex Studios that will be available via steam(click here) on 15th March 2018 . At the Moment it's in Early Access and it's FREE to play
The goal is to survive, the wilderness around you, build bases, and fend off other players that can murder you and take your loot. There are multiple things the player can do. The player can level up by harvesting resources, fight other players, destroy and raid other players bases and more.

Beware, even when you are OFFLINE players can kill you and take your loot! That is, if they can find you...

The map is large and has many different types of things to experience. At night Beware as it can be very difficult to see, so you will need to craft a torch or build a campfire and start to survive the night.

Try not to die... Good luck


Game News

Hey everyone, We have a discord server! Join: Thanks, - Bdoom
March 6, 2018, 9:43 pm
Hello Everyone: I am the solo developer working on Project Veritex. I was wondering how you would feel if I released the game, in it's current state. I currently know there are a few crashes that I am aware of, however, they are inconsistent and non-reproducible. However, I was thinking that I could fix the issues as they occur. Just spinning this out to you guys. Tell me what you think! I really would appreciate being able to fix issues as they occur. Thanks, Bdoom
January 24, 2018, 4:50 pm
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