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The EUKGaming Discord Server is English Only because all of our Mods and Staff speak English and this way, it's less confusing for everyone.

  1. Keep it friendly - No need to push your negativity on other people in this discord. Treat new members with respect.
  2. Don't Spam - Any sort of spam, whether its text, emoji, pings or otherwise will be met with an instant ban - No Warning.
  3. Do not Self Promote - Self Promo anywhere will result in a warning. You only get one (1) warning.
  4. Do not Ping a Moderator/Admin for no reason.
  5. Respect the Moderators - If they say something, listen to them. They will not ban, kick, or punish you for unjustified reasons. Their job is to keep the server fun and free of toxicity/spam. If however, a mod is abusing their power, please DM @PUREJaguar or @Cal
  6. Please keep personal issues in DMs only - We aren't here to listen to trauma dumping or issues you've had online in other spaces. Keep it to private messages.
  7. Don't cause any unnecessary drama here and don't support it either - You will only receive one (1) warning. If you do see anything suspect or anyone being a troublemaker, DM an admin please @PUREJaguar or @Cal

ABUSE of any sort will NOT be tolerated and you will be BANNED without any reason. So Please think about the consequences before posting/saying anything