In-game Rules

  • No cheating, scripting, bug abuse, or exploiting
  • Avoid spam, racism, homophobia, and other languages in chat
  • No walling off huge areas or claiming monuments. Quarry monuments are excluded from this rule
  • No pretending to be a member of the administration or staff
  • No using multi-accounts on our servers
  • Clan Limit: 5 No alliances that exceed the 5-member limit
  • We do not accept players with more than 1 vac ban or a game ban
  • Report cheaters with F7 and send evidence to administrators, or open a ticket via Discord

Admins will not be responsible for any in-game items due to bugs, errors etc

No Alliances

  • Maximum of 5 players in one team at all times (no share TC authorization, turrets, and code lock access)
  • If there is a player who left your team, the base owner will have to deauthorize all the TC, Turrets, and redo all the code locks
  • A player who left a team is not allowed to rejoin the same team during the wipe. If you wish to change teams this should be done on the first day of a fresh wipe only.
  • You can only compound buildings or bases that you own with your own team. (No alliance or teaming allowed)
  • You can make a pact, not to KOS other players, or be friendly to other players However, you can't help other teams by roaming, raiding, or defending other players
  • Players are allowed to trade with each other but are not permitted to gift bases, items, resources, or blueprints to other players.

- If you are found to be breaking the rules you will be given a warning after that a temp ban will be given and constant rule breakers will be perm banned.